5 Things to Consider when Buying New Jeans

If you’re looking for the perfect fitting pair of jeans, then here’s a few tips that will help ensure you find the perfect denim staple for your wardrobe:

  1. High-quality fabric – Look for premium denim in ring-spun cotton. A little bit of stretch can go a long way in terms of fitting your form in all the right places
  2. Great tailoring – If you’re going to invest in a designer pair of jeans, then make sure the fit is ideal. Consider made-to-order jeans that are custom created for your measurements.
  3. Eye cataching details –  Pay attention to the small touches that allow you to show your individual style. Jeans can go glam with intricate back pocket designs or colored stitching
  4. Pockets that flatter – Be sure not to add bulk in areas where you already have ample curves. Front and back pockets should compliment and streamline your look.
  5. Styles that elongate – Look for ways to lengthen your leg line, such as twisted seams on skinny jeans.



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