How to Find Jeans to Fit Your Body Type

How to Find Jeans to Fit Your Body Type

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Ever struggled to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans for your body shape and size? Have you tried on muliple pairs of jeans only to discover that you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Check out this guide on finding jeans that will flatter your assets and hug your curves in all the right places.


  1. 1 – Consider your current body shape. Are you curvy or boy shaped? Plus size or petite? Be realistic and know that not every style is going to work on your body. However, with all the different options, you’re sure to find something to highlight your best features.
  2. 2 – Choose your fit. If you’re genetically blessed with a long and lean frame, then skinny jeans work well on you. But the skinny jean also works well on petites, as they emphasize the legs. Straight leg jeans are easier to wear than skinny jeans, but be careful not to get too loose of a fit, to avoid looking sloppy. If you’re curvy or plus size, then consider flared or boot cut jeans to hug curves in all the right places. Boot cut jeans are universally flattering, as they can create curves for women who don’t have them.
  3. 3 – Choose your wash. Jeans that are darker tend to be more forgiving in general, and can easily go from day to night. Distressed washes can add interest and create a relaxed vibe, as long as the emphasis in not on the hips or back side.
  4. 4 – Choose your seams. Twisted seams are fantastic for elongating the legs and creating the illusion of added height.
  5. 5 – Choose your details. Custom jeans providers such as and let you choose pocket options, thread colors and stitching options that will make your jeans original and provide the best option for your body. Be aware that pockets with buttons will add focus on your back side, while candy colored stitching can be a fun focal point.


  • Try online retailers that provide custom jean options. You won’t feel pressured by salespeople, and you’ll have all the time you need to create jeans that will look fabulous on you.

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